Provide tools for Mission


New Bibles are provided to indigenous missionaries who wish to give them to all new believers. Bibles can be provided for £4.50 each. This is an ongoing need, and you can donate any amount.


Bicycles are a great tool for missionaries as they enable them to reach so many more villages. Each village reached means potentially another local church. One bicycle can be provided for £100.


Motorcycles are a key tool for regional leaders. They enable travel on rough terrain and over longer distances, enabling leaders to cover their area of responsibility effectively, reach destinations that are otherwise inaccessible, and save hours in travel time. A motorcycle costs £950.

Floor Mats

Dheris (floor mats) enable the missionaries to provide a sitting area where chairs are not available. Each dheri can accommodate between 4 and 8 people. Each mat costs around £12.

Gas Lanterns

Gas lamps ease travel at night and enable meetings to take place after dark. A gas lamp costs around £20.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are important tools for the local churches, but also for missionaries performing outreach in villages as they play Christian songs and minister the Word of God. A donation of £20 would help provide an instrument to a missionary.

Sewing Machines

Many indigenous ministries provide vocational training, especially for single Christian mothers. Sewing machines provide a source of income giving them the ability to provide for their children as well as the local Church. This enables the church to continue advancing the Gospel. Each sewing machine costs around £85.

LCD Projector

Projectors are an invaluable outreach tool because they enable the showing of films such as the Jesus Film to large groups. A projector costs £375.

4×4 Vehicles

Most unreached people groups are located in areas of very rough terrain. These vehicles bring whole new areas within reach of missionaries and resources. You can donate any amount towards this need.

Bio-Sand Filters

Arsenic is a deadly heavy metal found in water from wells all over East India, especially in the state of West Bengal. In collaboration with an indigenous ministry in Calcutta, GCP is building, transporting, and installing Bio-sand filters that extract 99% of all arsenic and bacteria from the water. These filters area a great outreach tool for missionaries sharing the Gospel and planting churches among poor unreached Muslim and Hindu villagers. Suggested amount: £65.

Mobile Phones

These devices are key for missionaries to communicate with each other and with their leaders. Missionaries can also take photos, send reports, and get in contact with their families when away from home. Even in some of the poorest regions of the world, you may find mobile phones operating. They’ve become one of the most important communication tools on the mission fields.
Suggested amount: £20.

Flash Drives

Flash drives are widely used in the Middle East and most cars have USB ports. GCP is helping an indigenous ministry that is using flash-drives as a tool to reach Iranians. This ministry fills an 8 GB flash drive with 4 GB’s worth of evangelistic material (an audio New Testament, the Jesus Film, worship songs, etc.) and leaves the other 4 GB open as a gift to the person receiving it. GCP wants to help this ministry mass produce these flash drives and distribute them inside Iran where thousands are eager to learn of our Lord Jesus.
Suggested amount: £6.

Food Packages

Today, there are over 2 million Internal Displaced People (IDPs) in Iraq and hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Jordanian camps. Indigenous missionaries are bringing these food packages to the most desperate refugees as a way to show the love of Jesus. One package will feed a family of four for 30 days. The packages include some of the essentials like cooking oil, salt, rice, noodles and canned products.
Suggested amount: £45.

Mosquito Nets

People in third world countries suffer all kinds of diseases due to mosquito bites. Every year, especially during the rainy season, both children and adults are vulnerable to sicknesses such as dengue fever or malaria, which in some cases can be fatal. A mosquito net is a simple, inexpensive but indispensable item that saves lives in these countries. We want to provide them to missionaries and children in orphanages.
Suggested amount: £15.

Other items to help with ministries to refugees

Baby Milk & Nappies

Suggested Amount: £15

Electric Heater

Suggested Amount: £25


Suggested Amount: £40

Pillows & Blankets

Suggested Amount: £40

Shoes for Children

Suggested Amount: £12

Where Most Needed

This gives GCP the opportunity to designate funds for urgent needs. You can donate any amount.