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Myanmar (Burma) – Church Planting Project

Through GCP, an indigenous ministry in Myanmar is planting home churches among the remaining Unreached People Groups. The goal of the ministry was to plant 250 home churches by 2015, which was achieved. The goal is now to plant 500 more by 2020. A gift of £40 per month will help support a missionary. A gift of £120 per month would, in addition, provide a rented house for them, where they can establish a local church.

Syria & Iraq Christian Humanitarian Relief

Syrian & Iraqi Christians are denied jobs, their businesses are destroyed, family members are beaten, raped, and murdered. Christian refugees arrive in Jordan with only the clothes on their backs.  You can provide a week’s worth of food and supplies to a refugee for just £15.

Nigeria: Water Wells for Displaced Christians

A ministry in Northern Nigeria is reaching the unreached and bringing hope and support to the persecuted church there as it reaches out into new areas. Areas of help provided include urgent relief and support for widows and orphans whose relatives have been killed. Many displaced families are forced to move where there is no drinking water. GCP is helping the ministry to drill wells to provide water for these Christians. Any amount is appreciated.

Northern Nigeria: Trauma Sessions

Christians in Northern Nigeria are experiencing a time of severe persecution. Thousands of believers have been murdered for their faith in Jesus Christ and more have been left as widows, widowers, or orphans. GCP is helping a ministry that provides trauma sessions for the victims of these attacks. In these sessions, victims receive spiritual and emotional healing through the ministering of the Word of God. This project will help cover the costs of these sessions.
Any amount is appreciated.

Chad: Water Wells

A ministry in Chad is reaching the Unreached with the Gospel by drilling water wells. Many children die of kidney failure due to contaminated water, making these wells an urgent need all across the country. The cost of a well greatly varies depending on factors such as depth, location, type, materials, etc.
Suggested amount for a well £1,500 but any amount is appreciated.

Medical Clinics – Calcutta

In many Indian villages, there is a lack of medical assistance. Sometimes hospitals are too far away and people don’t have the means to travel long distances. Moreover, only 0.7% of West Bengal’s 95 million people are Christians, making it one of the least reached areas in the world. With these things in mind, missionaries in the state of West Bengal are establishing medical clinics to serve as an outreach strategy. In several of the new churches, 90% of the new believers have come to the Lord as a result of these clinics.
Any amount is appreciated.