About Us

Global Commission Partners Europe is a UK based charity dedicated to supporting indigenous ministries which have been evaluated for their effectiveness. Indigenous outreach workers know the local languages, understand the culture, and are planting the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ among unreached ethnic groups.

Our mission

Our Lord Jesus Christ said, “And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a testimony to all nations (etnos=ethnic groups) and then the end shall come.”  Matthew 24:14.  Global Commission Partners considers this to be the priority in terms of world evangelisation.  Therefore, we seek to finish the task the Lord entrusted to us, His church.

Our vision

An estimated 2 billion  people in over 6,600 ethnic groups have not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Global Commission Partners identifies and evaluates fruitful indigenous ministries working specifically among these groups. Once the ministries are approved, we seek financial support in order to provide these ministries with the essential tools they need to plant a church movements.

Jesus commanded us to take the gospel to all “nations” (literally, “ethno-linguistic groups”) but 2,000 years later over 40% of the world population has not been reached with the gospel. Western church funding of strategic indigenous mission to unreached people groups is insignificant.  We don’t have current UK statistics, but in the US the proportion is only 0.05%.  Put another way:

  • Out of every $100 received by US churches, $95 stays in the US and $5 is spent on foreign missions.
  • Out of each $5.00 spent on foreign missions, $4.50 is sent to places that already have vibrant churches. Only $0.50 is spent on missionaries to unreached groups.
  • Out of the $0.50 spent on missions to unreached groups, $0.45 is spent on Western missionaries.
  • Only 5c out of every $100 is shared with local missionaries who understand the customs and languages of the people we want to reach!

Global Commission Partners brings resources to these local missionaries.

Our director

Dr David Carling, a medical doctor, has served in the cause of mission in Africa and further afield since 1958. With his wife Gwenyth, who is also a trustee of Global Commission Partners, he has been involved in pioneer medical evangelism, relief and development, medical care of missionaries, leadership development and discipleship training. David was for many years International Director of a traditional mission but is now focussing on support of indigenous mission because of its potential and effectiveness.

Our partners in the USA

David works in partnership with Axel Lanausse, founder and president of Global Commission Partners in the US. Originally an oil company representative and founder of Lanausse & Company Inc., Axel then spent 18 years leading major missionary organisations and providing support for hundreds of missionaries on virtually every continent, before committing full time to indigenous mission support. Axel therefore beings extensive experience of both business and mission, and is one of the foremost authorities and advocates of indigenous mission. Find out more about our US partners on their website.

Get involved

There are several ways you can volunteer and get involved with the work of Global Commission Partners around the world. To find out more, please contact us.